A Floral Canvas: Radiance to your Face, Freshness and Femininity to your Look

Welcome spring! Welcome your joy, your light, and your colours. We welcome you with a combination of shades that arouse emotions and reflect desire and enthusiasm when it comes to dressing. 

With designs that make you feel closer to nature, with floral print kimonos that are trending in spring. This one and those to come. 

So that you can wear slow, timeless, sustainable, and beautiful fashion.

Vida y Milagros: An Ode to Mediterranean Beauty 

Where nature is generous, where trees bear fruit, and where flowers bloom all year round to fill us with colour… that’s where our inspiration comes from.

From the scents of the Mediterranean.

Nature is our Creative Director’s main source of inspiration.

Flowers’ vibrant colours, their elegant shapes and delicate fragrance evoke emotions ranging from joy to serenity. 

Patterns inspired by nature, designs that emulate the natural world. Natural fabrics that convey emotions and tell stories.

Mediterranean Character as Philosophy and Nature as Muse

At Vida y Milagros, we capture the essence of floral beauty in every garment, creating unique kimonos that will transport you to a dream garden. 

To a colourful garden.

Garden Colours: Bright Colours and Floral Prints to Fill you with Light and Vitality

Garden Colours is the main collection of the Spanish fashion brand Vida y Milagros. 

This collection recreates plant motifs that illustrate scarves, scarves and kimono or boho-inspired garments.

A collection made of 100% natural silk, inspired by the scents of the Mediterranean, and with colours that flatter you and fill you with vitality.

The delicacy, precision, and originality of its designs allow free interpretation, with a touch of risk that reflects your wonderful and unique personality.

3 Key Colours to Boost Your Personal Image

Nature evokes emotions, sustainability, a feeling of freedom, freshness… And Vida y Milagros natural silk kimonos infect us with that light through colours that remind us of nature in earthy shades, blues, and greens.

Within the Garden Colours collection, you will find some of the most popular kimono models and with more colour variations: Jacarandas, Adiantums, Callunas.

Which colour will you choose to enhance your personality?

Green. Positive, natural, serene, elegant.

Blue. Honest, confident, calm, sympathetic.

Red. Powerful, passionate, creative, courageous.

Nature Reflected in Kimonos

Nature-inspired garment design is a fashion trend today.

And always has been. That’s why our kimonos are a safe bet.

Because we love feeling nature’s beauty and calm – yet also its strength.

Because year after year we turn to nature to capture optimism and embrace its emotions.

Like Japanese designers did and still do.

In Japanese prints, floral patterns are chosen to represent seasonal changes. For example, chrysanthemums – a common floral motif – are used to symbolize longevity, beauty, and transformation.

Fashion inspired by nature, natural motifs and organic shapes that have been the object of delight in Eastern and Western fashion.

Kimonos with natural prints as iconic pieces for an original street style or a more formal, elegant look.

Both ideal for welcoming spring, desire, light, and colour.