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Vida y milagros Diseño textil VidayMilagros - Sobre Nosotros

So that you highlight your beauty, feel comfortable and express your vibrant personality.

So that you wear clothes that accompany you naturally, that adapt to you, and accessories that you always want to wear.

So that you can pamper yourself with haute couture garments, delicately made and that you can wear at parties and celebrations. They are also perfect for a more everyday look, depending on how you combine it. The important thing is to enjoy it.

That’s why Vida y Milagros was born.

To offer an alternative and particular vision of a set of limited edition garments and accessories, giving them the versatility to become the best gift or the best treat.

Luxury fashion slow made in Valencia

Vida y milagros Diseño textil VidayMilagros - Sobre Nosotros
Vida y milagros Textile design - About Us
  • All our collections arise from the desire to experiment, to dare to try, to look for a way to create luxury fashion far from the rigidity and temporality of fast fashion.
  • Our collections are timeless: they are not governed by seasons or by ephemeral trends or the colors that are most popular at any given time. Our goal is harmony, versatility, sometimes quiet beauty, also happy and sparkling or sober and elegant… depending on the occasion.
  • We work with 100% natural fabrics that give the garments an incomparable color and texture.
  • Our prints are our own creation and limited edition, which gives them exclusivity.

Vida y Milagros is synonymous with haute couture garments that are designed and sewn in our Valencian workshop, that transcend fashion and that, thanks to their quality and design, you can wear them perfect for many years.

The beginnings of Vida y Milagros

The first collections that were created under the Vida y Milagros brand were Aire de mar and Soirée for two. Two collections that are no longer for sale, but that shared the same essence: originality, comfort and elegance all year round.

From the beginning we are committed to careful and exclusive tailoring.

Our prints arecreated by our creative director, linked to the world of design all her life, so that each garment is perfect.

Vida y Milagros

Exclusive silk kimonos with a Mediterranean style and oriental inspiration


To create the collections, the creative director of Vida y Milagros is always guided by beauty and is mostly inspired by nature.

Colors that flatter you, envelop you and change your mood because color manages to evoke deep emotions.

Its character allows free interpretation with a touch of risk that reflects your wonderful and unique personality.

Get to know all our collections.

Vida y milagros Diseño textil VidayMilagros - Sobre Nosotros

Feel how our kimonos embrace you

We invite you to discover our designer kimonos, perfect for all occasions, and feel their touch, their precise drape and the natural brightness of their colors.

Come try them on in our store-workshop in Valencia.

We are delighted to welcome you.

You will see how they flatter you, how they adapt to you and allow you to move comfortably. They will make you feel unique and special, just as you are.