About us

Vida y Milagros - Sobre Nosotros

Vida y Milagros was born from the need to investigate from experience, with a cosmopolitan and open view, without fear of combining natural fabrics and new techniques.

Items exclusively for you

Vida y Milagros is an interdisciplinary team that provides internal design to which we sometimes add talent from external contributors.


Being committed to the environment, we work with natural materials and sustainable techniques, as well as provide careful, local dressmaking.

Vida y Milagros - Sobre Nosotros
Vida y Milagros - Sobre Nosotros

The value of handcrafted creations

Our garments are individually handcrafted. Production is limited in order to adapt to our materials and quality standards.

Due to the delicacy of fabrics and the production process, our delivery times can vary from one to three weeks.


Vida y Milagros

Creating intimacy and evoking memories. Inspiration to surround you.