Care Guide

Silk kimonos.


Each of our pieces is made by hand and given the delicate nature of natural silk, we recommend dry cleaning at the dry cleaners.  Machine washing or tumble drying is not recommended because the fabric could be damaged and the colors affected.


We recommend a professional ironing, if this is not possible, the steam from the iron, which helps to eliminate travel or use wrinkles, should not be used directly on the garment.  If a steam iron is used directly on the garment, the water may stain the silk.


The kimono can be kept in its original case, but we recommend that it be hung before use.


Cotton kimonos.


As they are made of 100% cotton, the garments from Aire de Mar and The Freshest One’s collection can be hand washed with a soap for delicate garments.


They can be ironed at home with steam, but always avoiding direct contact of the iron with the fabric.


You can contact us at or at 682 170315 if you have any other questions about the care and washing of your garment.