Frequent questions

Have any doubts?

You’ve fallen in love with one of our kimonos, but you’ve got some doubts you would like to clear up before buying it.

If so, we suggest you read these questions, which are among the most frequently asked.


Is it better to wear long kimonos crossed or open?
Their fall and fluidity make our sustainable and exclusive kimonos fit everyone, regardless of size.
In general, customers whose size is smaller than 42 prefer to wear it crossed. From that size onwards, they usually wear it loose.


How can I match a kimono?

One of our kimonos’ virtues is that they are extremely versatile.
But depending on the model you like – its length, print, and fabric – the possibilities will vary.
For example, you can match your natural silk kimono with either a pair of pants and a top or blouse, with a dress, or with a skirt and a top or blouse.

In the case of the natural cotton kimonos, you may match them with pants, shorts, jeans, cotton tees and tops, or summer dresses. You may even wear them as an open shirt to complement your swimsuit or bikini.

If the kimono has really bright colours, we advise you to combine it with neutral colours or monochrome outfits to achieve the perfect harmony.

You might also match it with one of our basic kimonos in silk white or black, done up with a belt, as a blouse.

As you may have noticed, the possibilities are endless.
If you still have doubts on how to wear a kimono, just ask and we’ll be happy to help you.



How should I wash and iron my kimono?

Given the delicate nature of the materials with which we bring kimonos to life, it is important to care for them.

Therefore, we invite you to read the Wash and Care Guide we have prepared, so you can enjoy your kimono for as long as you want to.
Our designs are timeless and, provided you take good care of them, eternal.



When will my kimono arrive?

Our pieces are handcrafted one by one.
For that reason, given the detail with which we make each garment, our delivery times range from one to three weeks.

If you need a kimono for a celebration or event and you want to make sure you will have it on that date, contact us before buying it.


Can I pay in instalments?


Sure! You can pay for your garment in several instalments.
Just select it as your payment method at the end of your purchase.
You can choose the instalments and conditions that suit you best.

If you have further questions about shipping and returns, we invite you to read this page or contact us.



What colour will look best on me?


There are times when we see a garment and we fall in love right away. We know its colour is perfect for us.

But some other times, we hesitate.

If you are not sure which of the colours a model comes in to choose, contact us, and we’ll be happy to advise you.

Are the colours in the photos as beautiful as they look?
At Vida y Milagros we strive to show you the colours of our garments as realistically as possible, although on occasion, they may slightly vary.

What we can assure you is that our kimonos and dresses are much more beautiful in person.
It will be love at first sight.


Can I try the kimono on?

Of course!

The kimonos are made in our store-workshop in Valencia.
We invite you to come over, see how the kimono embraces you, and clear up all your doubts in person.

Have we answered all your questions?
If you still have any questions, feel free to call or write to us.

We like dealing directly with our clients – here, you will not find automated responses.

Replies via e-mail, WhatsApp, or chatbox in our web are given by Laura, who works hand in hand with both the designer and the dressmaker.