Gifts to Get it Right and Surprise this Christmas

What can you give to someone who has it all? Christmas is a time for family gatherings, get-togethers with friends, and gifts. You are looking for the perfect gift – that one which will surprise and which the recipient will fall in love with. But when you lack inspiration or ideas, when you don’t know what to give a woman who already has everything, you may end up turning to the usual. Or you may not.

At Vida y Milagros, we’ll offer you a Gift Guide to get it right this holiday season. Original, practical, and versatile gift ideas that are sure to please everyone.

Gifts that make us feel good and that we deserve – both the women we may give them to and ourselves. Why not treat yourself this Christmas with an exclusive gift that you can also enjoy all year round?

Turn haute couture fashion into art that will accompany you for decades. In addition, all our garments are limited-edition and made with loving care in Valencia.

Gifts for Luxury Fashion Lovers

Clothing as a gift idea never fails. It helps us express our personality and our style. And if it is a luxury piece, with an exclusive and versatile design like our natural silk kimonos, success is guaranteed.

Natural Silk Short Kimonos – the Perfect Gift

Why gift or self-gift a short Vida y Milagros kimono?

  • Because of the excellent quality of its 100% natural materials.
  • Because it’s a practical and versatile garment.
  • Because of its beautiful and exclusive design.
  • Because it’s a gift for life.
  • Because it’s special.
  • Because it’s unique.

And because your loved ones deserve it. YOU deserve it.

Vida y Milagros short silk kimonos are ideal to wear to parties and events, but also to elevate your office look or to wear to an impromptu brunch.

It is a practical, feelgood gift to give on Reyes (Three Wise Men – a very important celebration in Spain). Its light materials accompany every movement, and its bright colours provide an immediate lift.

What better time to gift (or self-gift) a unique piece for someone special than at Christmas.



Best Christmas Gift Accessories

If you’re looking for gifts for your best friends and want to get it right, if you want a practical gift, if you want to surprise on Reyes, we have two perfect ideas for you.

Exclusive Natural Silk Bags

The first idea is the Vida y Milagros natural silk bags – either of the two models that you can find in our store. Our beautiful reversible silk bucket bags are a timeless chic accessory.

On the one hand, one model offers the best of silk satin, with its floral and geometric prints, and vivid colors. On the other hand, another comes in a soft 100% cotton velvet, so you can combine it with all your party looks.

And if you’re looking for a bag with a bolder design, we invite you to discover Cómplice. A reversible natural silk and cotton velvet bag in the perfect size.

Lightweight and soft accessories designed to hang on the wrist and to enjoy the whole evening in comfort, without losing elegance.

Gifts up to 150

However, if you’re looking for a more affordable luxury piece, Vida y Milagros handkerchiefs are just what you need. Velvet and silk pieces that can be used as a scarf, as a turban or even as an ear cover for the coldest days of the year without losing an inch of glamour.

A recurring idea, but one that’ll always prove successful. A luxury accessory with an exclusive design that will dazzle this Christmas.

We hope you have been inspired by this list of different and exclusive gifts, with luxury pieces that surprise – even when you think you have it all – and that are perfect to gift – or self-gift – this Christmas.

If you have any questions, we’ll be there for you.