Christmas is the time par excellence for gifts. They arrive borne by the Three Wise Men thoughtfully distributed by San Claus, and too by the extended hands of invisible friends.  And of course, there are always the well-deserved self-gifts.  Look for that gift that will make the eyes of your loved ones shine and find it in our offerings of stylistic designs. What better way than to be supporting the local trade with a unique gift.


VIDA Y MILAGROS brings you a gift guide to get this holiday season right.  From our scarves to our impressive kimonos, they are all handcrafted with the best and most exclusive fabrics, turning haute couture fashion into an art that will accompany you for decades.  Furthermore, our portfolio is based on the exclusivity of limited edition especial pieces.


Gifts under 100€


The velvet and silk scarf is a sure hit. This piece, made of 100% silk twill with a 100% cotton velvet back, is perfect to give a special touch to any look. The best of all is that, in addition to being able to use it as a scarf, it can also be used as a turban or even as an ear cover for the coldest days of the year without losing a bit of glamour. This accessory is available in five colours combinations and measuring 16cmx100cm.


Additionally, the reversible drawstring bags from VIDA Y MILAGROS are a chic accessory that never goes out of style.  On the one hand, you have the best of silk satin that is also the protagonist in our kimonos, with its floral and geometric patterns and vivid colours, and, on the other, a soft 100% cotton velvet, so that you can combine it with all your party looks. There are four different designs, each with a practical ribbon closure.

Gifts under 200€


The firm’s scarves are in four different designs with color combinations allowing for inclusion with all your outfits.  They are perfect for an original gift thanks to their versatility, since you can use them in a thousand different ways: on the neck, as a headband, on the wrist, belt style, tied to the bag … and even in summer you can use it as a sarong or as a knotted.  Among them are the Caprice, Doñana and Cactus models, which are made of silk and measure 135cm x 135cm.


Following in the same vein, the Lines and Bouquets wool scarf presents a beautiful mosaic of geometric patterns with plant motifs. This accessory is made with 100% wool voile, which gives it a soft and delicate touch, and is available in two colour combinations: red and black, or lead blue and brown.  A unique and ideal gift for the most discerning.

Gifts under 500€


During this year, kimonos have become an essential trend among celebrities and influencers, thanks to their versatility and spectacular movement. In the Street life collection of VIDA Y MILAGROS you can find short kimonos to always be perfect, either to go to a work meeting or to meet friends at the next Christmas parties. The City or Adiantum collections are perfect for their lightness, their striking yet delicate colours, the drape of silk satin and their geometric and floral prints.


Another of the collections that is exploding in popularity for its comfort and glamour is Soirée for two. It is specially designed to recreate moments of relaxation and self-care. To evoke the sensuality and calm of your private and personal space through the indescribable touch of the silk.

Up to 800€


Finally, if what you want is to give an authentic piece of haute couture, VIDA Y MILAGROS has what you are looking for: its  Garden Colours collection.  This collection stands out for its models of long and reversible kimonos, made with the best silk satin that wraps and caresses you in each of your movements. They are designed for women who want to show their strong and sophisticated personality through a piece that will become a versatile wardrobe. You cannot miss its Jacaranda model, an absolute must-have for all lovers of haute couture.  In addition, you can order a mask to have as a set, made with approved materials and silk with the pattern and colours of your kimono.