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Making off Vida y Milagros

o create our website, hand in hand with  Nectar digital agency    and with the contribution of Wannafilmakers, we have been able to take advantage of the great location that our host Carmen Baselga has provided us. She and her team have welcomed us into their space, where we have been able to set most of our images, providing a context to daily moments and situations. It has been a pleasure.

Vida y milagros Diseño textil

Carmen welcomes us to her studio

Carmen Baselga_Taller de Proyectos is a multidisciplinary studio that has developed a large part of its work in the world of interior architecture, designing exhibition spaces as well as cultural ones, spaces for gastronomic experiences, homes and external areas. In addition, it specializes in the design and installation of domestic kitchens by cocinActiva, attached to this studio.

Vida y Milagros - Carmen Baselga

Currently, the recent project Espacio Futura (Future Space), located in Burgos, Spain, stands out; a showroom and experiential space for the German company VEKA. Also noteworthy is the exhibition 3D imprimir el Mundo (3D Print the World), which can presently be found in Buenos Aires after having been exhibited in Peru, and from where it will travel to other Latin American countries such as Chile and Mexico.

Vida y milagros Diseño textil Making off Vida y Milagros
Vida y milagros Diseño textil Making off Vida y Milagros

The design of her homes leaves no one indifferent, every house is like a made-to-measure suit, always providing an individual design which is comfortable and appropriate to the needs of the people who have commissioned it.

Vida y milagros Diseño textil Making off VidayMilagros

She complements the practise of her work with teaching, being a lecturer on the Masters in Design of Interiors at the University Cardenal Herrera-CEU.