Adiantum natural silk short kimono in emerald green


Short kimono for a casual look, perfect both for special occasions and for less formal ones.   A sophisticated, cheerful, and exclusive touch each and every time you wear it. Wearing it reminds you that style is about being comfortable wherever you go.

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· Take care of your kimono. Given its delicate nature, we recommend you check out our Care Guide.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section i_type=”material” i_icon_material=”vc-material vc-material-library_books” add_icon=”true” title=”Description” tab_id=”1674654826909-cf56724d-ae84″][vc_column_text]100% natural silk satin kimono.


The beauty and strength of nature surrounds you with this combination of green tones, together with the shine that only silk can provide.


A garment that makes you feel great, connects you with the simplicity and beauty of the here and now, and reminds you there is nobody like you.


Both its exterior in emerald green and turquoise, and its satin lining in light green are 100% natural silk.


A Mediterranean-style kimono of oriental inspiration with a sublime collar, which is reminiscent of traditional kimono collars. Its length marks the position where the belt should go to emulate the well-known Japanese obis, sliming your figure in an elegant and original way.

Designed and manufactured in Valencia in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


100% natural oriental silk, crafted by Valencian hands.


Each kimono model has a unique and exclusive Vida y Milagros print, designed by our creative director.


In addition, each model is available in limited units. The chances of you running into someone wearing the same luxury silk kimono at a wedding or any other special occasion are practically null.

  • · One size
  • · Length: 74 cm
  • · Total contour: 134 cm
  • · Belt included: 10 cm x 180 cm
  • · For reference, the model is 1.76 m tall


The measurements are approximate, for the kimonos’ finishings are handstitched.

If you have doubts about the model or colour, or you need a different size, contact us and we’ll help you find a solution.


This handcrafted silk kimono is inspired by the simple and delicate Adiantum. A genus of ferns that composes, that admits density or spread, always maintaining its freshness.


The green mantle embraces you with the green of hope, spontaneity, and optimism. Its exquisite combination of shades connects you with serenity and brightens your face.


On the other hand, the brushstrokes of leaves in shades of green, white, navy blue, and ink blue give it an original and unique touch.


It is a short kimono, ideal to wear to that occasion for which you need a casual yet unique and special look. No matter whether it is a dinner, an exhibition, or a meeting with friends.


To top it all off, its high-quality material and tailoring will allow you to wear this sustainable kimono made in Spain for years. You will be able to return to it whenever you fancy feeling the sophistication that a handcrafted piece provides.


At Vida y Milagros you will find direct advice and personalized assistance. Feel free to call or write to us before buying your natural silk kimono.