Alba natural silk midi kimono in turquoise and gold


100% natural silk midi kimono in turquoise and gold for an elegant, fresh, and distinctive look.


A limited-edition luxury kimono, perfect to dress in a comfortable and sophisticated way, staying true to yourself.

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· Take care of your kimono. Given its delicate nature, we recommend you check out our Care Guide.

100% natural silk satin kimono.


Warmth and brightness for a surprising, comfortable, and very personal look.


Women’s dress kimono in shades of copper, brown, black, and gold. Sleeves in turquoise and silk satin lining in black. Everything, 100% natural silk.


The perfect combination of its colours, with the shine that only silk can provide, brightens your face, and immediately makes you feel fabulous.


A modern and elegant kimono, to achieve a feminine and different look that will catch all eyes.


Its print collar, inspired by traditional kimono collars, marks the position where the belt should go to emulate the well-known Japanese obis.

Designed and manufactured in Valencia in a sustainable way and with eco-friendly materials.


100% natural oriental silk, crafted by Valencian hands.


Each kimono model has a unique and exclusive Vida y Milagros print, designed by our creative director.


In addition, each model is available in limited units. The chances of you running into someone wearing the same haute couture kimono at a wedding or special occasion are practically null.

  • · One size
  • · Length: 90 cm
  • · Total contour: 120 cm
  • · Belt included: 10 cm x 180 cm
  • · For reference, the model is 1.72 m tall


The measurements are approximate, for the kimonos’ finishings are handstitched.

If you have doubts about the model or colour, or you need a different size, contact us and we’ll help you find a solution.


This dress kimono features a print of large, fleshy leaves in shades of copper and brown with black brushstrokes. Leaves that rest harmoniously over a gold mantle for an elegant and personal garment.


A surprising mix of colours which results in a perfect combination for the autumn months. The turquoise of its sleeves brightens it up and makes it a special garment you will want to wear on many occasions.


A natural silk kimono for wedding guests or for any other celebration. But it is also perfect for a special get-together with friends, or to attend, for example, a cocktail party.


The premium quality of its silk and its careful tailoring make this sustainable kimono made in Spain a wardrobe essential you’ll keep for years and return to whenever you want to dress with style and comfort, while highlighting your beauty and personality.


At Vida y Milagros you will find direct advice and personalized assistance. Feel free to call or write to us before buying your natural silk kimono.

Kimono largo mujer satén vestir invitadaKimono largo mujer satén vestir invitadaKimono largo mujer satén vestir invitada