Autumn´s must-haves, scarves and foulards that will make your outfits glow

Around your neck, as a headband, on your wrist, as a belt, tied to your bag, on your shoulders… Scarves and foulards are, without any doubt, one of the most versatile and fashionable accessories of the autumn/winter season. They have become the main accessory to make any outfit glow, from the most casual jeans and white blouse in your closet, to that office-style dress that always shines in all your meetings.

Kimono medio largo mujer algodón

For this reason, in Vida y Milagros we offer a world of possibilities with our new collection of scarves and foulards. A collection that presents several designs, colours and different combinations, ranging from the simplest and most minimalist, to the most vivid tones.

The best of all? These perfect accessories are made with the best and most exclusive natural materials, which in this case are silk and cotton. In addition, their linear and geometric patterns allow you to create a different mix & match every day.

Vida y Milagros scarves have different designs and colour combinations, so you can combine them perfectly with your favourite clothes. Among them, the ‘Caprice’ design, with different geometric patterns and measures of 135cm x 135cm, which makes them so versatile, so you can give that chic touch to any outfit.

It is also joined by the ‘Cactus’ scarf, ideal for you to dare with one of the most striking and most in vogue uses of this season: the pirate style. Tie it to your head as headband and you will be able to elevate your look to the level of the most elegant catwalks in the world.

If, contrarily, you prefer to give them a more classic use and a different touch to your updos, we also have two smaller designs perfect for that. The ‘Doñana’ and ‘Lines and bouquets’ designs, in their different colours, are ideal to include them in a casual braid, wear it as a headband or even as a bow in your ponytail, but also to hang it in your bag or decorate your jacket.

On the other hand, the ‘Entretiempo’ scarf, made of silk and cotton, comes in various colours, which the main ones are red, yellow or a combination of various pastel tones. Measuring 66cm x 184cm, it allows you to cover your neck and add a touch of colour to your day, or create something different, like a top knotted at the back or on the chest, combined with a neutral colour blazer. The possibilities of these fashion accessories are endless!

In addition, you already know that in Vida y Milagros we also have three collections of kimono-style garments in our portfolio, with oriental tradition and Mediterranean personality, made by hand with the best silk satin or 100% natural cotton, perfect for any special occasion thanks to their versatility and designs inspired by nature.