Our daily routines have completely changed. During this confinement, there are many of us who dedicate more time to self-care than before, whether doing facial routines, improving our diet, or even picking up some online gym classes. And the thing is that we all need to feel good to keep our spirits up and be able to cope as best as possible with this atypical situation. It is at this point where the already essential video calls with our families and friends come into play, that moment of feeling that we are close to our loved ones again and dedicate the best moments of the whole week for them, and also the ones we would love to see in our first outings to have a drink or even to attend meetings.

To recreate the ‘brunch-with-friends effect’, you need to try on the most beautiful lipstick of your collection and, of course, that unique garment that makes you feel perfect. For the latter, in VIDA Y MILAGROS we have our short silk kimonos, which represent the perfect union between the oriental tradition of the garment and the Mediterranean light, and which also serve as a kimono jacket, for night walks, or as a kimono for special events.


Best of all is that we have several designs of short silk kimonos, ideal to look perfect in those video calls with friends, to attend a meeting, to start socializing or even for afternoon walks. One of our favourites is the Adiantum design in its various colours, such as pink, emerald green, lemon, and coral. Made with 100% silk satin fabric, with lovely hang and spectacular fluidity, this design features floral motifs that evoke nature and vibrant spring colours that transmit good vibrations instantly.

"City kimono design is perfect for those women who adore geometry, elegance, and minimalism."

On the other hand, City kimono design is perfect for those women who adore geometry, elegance, and minimalism. It is also made of silk satin, it comes in four colours that match everything in your closet: mink, beige, ink blue and black, which will be with you for decades.

These two designs are part of Street Life collection, designed for women who identify with businesswoman style and Garden Colours, a bold and colourful collection that reflects extraordinary personalities. They are also joined by a more intimate collection, Soirée for Two, with urban inspiration and contemporary geometry designed for him and her; and Sea Breeze, starring cotton poplin, for lovers of the sea, the coastal breeze and mild temperatures.

*You can see the rest of the collections and their exclusive designs, both long and short kimonos, in our online store and our atelier at C/ Pintor Salvador Abril, 19b (Valencia).