Silk kimonos to succeed in any event

This new autumn season is more powerful than ever. It is a lovely season for its natural colours and its mild temperatures. After these months in which many of us have chosen comfort and more casual garments, the most striking outfits are back to stay. If you are a woman who likes to show her strong and vibrant personality through her outfits, at Vida y Milagros  we are going to become your best allies.

Any day can be a special day and, why shouldn’t we wear our favourite clothes? At Vida y Milagros we have a wide variety of models, both long and short kimonos, with limited editions and made one by one by hand with the best silk satin. Thanks to this premium material, the designs, many of them reversible, are perfect for the mild temperatures of autumn, especially for those evening walks when the cool breeze comes on the scene.

But, undoubtedly, what is most-liked about our silk kimonos are their colours and patterns inspired by nature and the light of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the favourites is the Jacaranda in green, which presents the tree from which it takes its name. This design is capable of attracting everyone’s attention as soon as it appears on the room, and the contrast between the aubergine colour of the chest, and the purple and green tones of the rest of the body, instantly evokes positivity.

“The best thing about all the designs is that they combine perfectly with the style of each woman.”

With similar pink and orange tones, the Chamaerops design is perfect because of the strength transmitted by the leaves on its pattern. A long kimono that makes you feel powerful instantly and combines one of the most special colours of the season, the turquoise blue.

In the same way, and continuing with tropical trees patterns, the Palm Tree design is another must-have for this autumn. The Phoenix palm is part of the Valencian gardens and streets, whose beauty is the main inspiration for this garment.

On the other hand, La Rosa kimono is love at first sight. Delicate and powerful, this is the perfect garment both to wear in a meeting with friends or a special occasion, or even for a walk around the city. Just the same as the Crossandra design, in shades of black, pink and blue, elegant and casual in equal measure.

“Made one by one by hand with the best silk satin.”

Finally, you cannot miss the Ficus kimono, one of the favourite ones for its soft colours and delicate print. The best thing about all the designs is that they combine perfectly with the style of each woman, whether with a classic and flattering short black dress, or with a pair of jeans and high heels.

These designs belong to the collection Garden Colours, a daring and colourful collection to reflect extraordinary personalities, and Street Life, designed for women who identify themselves with the business woman style. They are joined by three others: Soirée for two, with urban inspiration and geometric designs for him and for her; Sea Breeze and The Lightest, with cotton poplin, for those in love with the sea, the coastal breeze and mild temperatures.