Vida y Milagros. Statement of intent

Tienda de kimonos en Valencia

Vida y Milagros, luxury fashion to wear all year round

We want you to look in the mirror and see how beautiful and special you are, regardless of your age or silhouette.

With clothes that highlight your beauty, make you feel comfortable, and respect your style.

With garments that surprise you and that you long for, and accessories that you fancy wearing.

With quality, exclusive, and haute couture garments made with care to wear at parties and celebrations, but also perfect for a casual look.

Vida y Milagros: the Valencian luxury brand you’ll want to get your hands on to dress with originality, comfort and elegance

Silk and other natural fabrics, vibrant colours, a mix of cultures…

Vida y Milagros is a Valencian luxury brand born to offer an alternative and unique vision of a set of limited-edition garments and accessories, whose versatility makes them the best gift or whim.

“A personal commitment to slow fashion: sustainable materials for items made in Valencia. “

Kimonos – timeless items that cannot be missing in your wardrobe

Our prints are created from scratch by our creative director, who’s been closely linked to the world of design all her life. Thus, we ensure each garment – especially our kimonos – looks perfect.

  • Our collections arise from a desire to experiment, to dare to try, to look for a way to create luxury fashion away from the rigidity and ephemeral nature of fast fashion.
  • They are timeless: not governed by seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter), nor by the most fashionable colours of the moment. They are governed by beauty.
  • We work with 100 per cent natural fabrics, which provide items with an incomparable colour and texture.
  • Items are limited-edition, perfect not to run into the same outfit at events.

Vida y Milagros is synonymous with haute couture designed and sewn in our Valencia atelier. Items go beyond trends and, given their quality and design, you can perfectly wear them for many years. And, why not, maybe someday give them to your daughter as a gift.

The beginnings of Vida y Milagros

The first collections created under the Vida y Milagros signature were Sea Breeze and Soirée for Two.

Sea Breeze was fresh.

It was a collection that transported you to the beach, to the coastal breeze, to the mild temperature of spring or early autumn.

For that collection, made in cotton poplin, we relied on Isa de la Calle for the photography.

Soirée for Two, on the other hand, was an intimate, urban-inspired collection that recreated moments of relaxation – those in which it is not the surroundings that matter, but the company.

A good book, a glass of wine, maybe someone by our side.

Made of 100 per cent natural silk, it was the collection of intimacy.

These collections are no longer on sale. However, these days, three luxury kimono collections are available.

Kimono algodón Surfera
Kimonos de seda unisex

Exclusive Mediterranean-style and Orientally-inspired silk kimonos

To create the collections our designer is always guided by beauty and is inspired, for example, by nature.

Garden Colours, natural enveloping colour

Garden Colours is Vida y Milagros’s main collection.

It is made of 100 per cent natural silk and it is inspired by the scents of the Mediterranean.

Where nature is generous, where trees bear fruit, and where flowers bloom all year round to fill us with colour.

Colours that flatter, envelop, and change your mood, arousing profound emotions.

Its character allows for free interpretation and contains an element of risk that reflects your wonderful and unique personality.

Street Life

Street Life may be contrast or harmony. Brightness or calm.  But, no doubt, elegance.

Elegance for a celebration or for the perfect street style to attend an inauguration, a gathering with friends, or even a meeting.

100 per cent natural silk kimonos, perfect for those moments when you ask yourself: “And, now, what am I going to wear?” A basic to have in your wardrobe and to wear whenever you want to feel flattered, comfortable, and elegant.

A unique style with which it is impossible to go unnoticed.

The Lightest

Summer kimonos, with light fabrics that will move to the pace of your body and the breeze.

Garments whose designs evoke the Mediterranean and the emotions it arouses.

They are perfect to fill the summer with colour, but in your own style.

Designer kimonos for all occasions created by Vida y Milagros

Besides feeling beautiful, comfortable, and elegant, we want you to be able to wear our kimonos both day and night.

We want you to be able to wear our luxury kimonos not only for a wedding or any other special event, but also with jeans for a unique street style outfit.

Our kimonos are versatile and can be worn open, or closed with a belt. They adapt to your figure: they flatter you, allow you to move comfortably, and make you feel unique and special – just as you are.