We start this phase of collaborations with the images of ISA DE LA CALLE. Her strong dedication to the sea and the emotions that it provokes lead her to promote incredible experiences in those who visit her.

Isa’s pictures bring us closer to the beach of Cadiz, the one which everyone talks about and the one we visit every time we see her photos captured on poplin.

Her passion for photography comes from her childhood, having always carried a camera and dreamt of telling stories through those images. Over the years, she trained herself until she decided to join the University of Cadiz and start a professional career dedicated to photography with desire and ambition.

Vida y Milagros - Isa de la Calle

An events photographer and contributor to flamenco magazines, her place is by the sea. Together with the team at Nexo Surf House in El Palmar, Cádiz, she captures the best moments of whoever decides to come to this paradise.

Vida y milagros Diseño textil
Vida y milagros Diseño textil

Photography is an accomplice, a companion, and a support… What would we do without good pictures? That is why we keep this path open with new proposals that will be seen very soon.

Conoce el trabajo de esta gran fotógrafa visitando su perfil de Instagram.