Women in Art: Learning from Them (Part II)

The role of women in the artistic field was often that of muse: the female body as an object in pictorial and sculptural works. However, there were very few women who came to be considered artists.

And to achieve that standing, many of them worked under a pseudonym, or were simply nobodies because they worked under the wing of their fathers’ or husbands’ signatures.

Fortunately, times change and there are more and more influential female artists, and that which is feminine in history bears proper names.

But they – and we – would not be here today without the work of those women who marked and changed the history of art. Women artists who reinvented fashion. To them, we want to dedicate this second article.

Because women’s contribution to works of art – talent and sensibility – deserves to be brought into the limelight and celebrated.

Dazzling with Creativity and Passion

Their works have left an indelible mark on the canvas of art history, demonstrating that talent knows no gender and that the role of women within the art world is essential in the development of creativity and innovation in the artistic sphere.

In our exploration of female contribution throughout art history, this time we delve into the passion and skill of two prominent figures: Tamara de Lempicka and Sonia Delaunay.

Tamara de Lempicka: Modern Elegance

Tamara de Lempicka is undoubtedly a woman who stands out in the art world. Born in Poland in 1898, she defied the conventions of her time by bursting onto the art scene with her portraits, characterized by an elegance and sensuality that captured the essence of interwar Europe.

Her ability to combine classicism with modernity is reflected in her paintings: vibrant colours and geometric lines shine in a singular visual symphony.

By drawing attention to Lempicka, we pay tribute to her ability to break down barriers and challenge the expectations of her time. Her legacy inspires us through her timeless works and reminds us of the importance of courage and authenticity in artistic expression.

Sonia Delaunay: Colours in Motion

The second relevant woman we want to talk about in this article is Sonia Delaunay.

Delaunay, a prominent artist and designer born in Ukraine in 1885, left an indelible mark on the art world thanks to her unique approach to colour and abstraction.

A pioneer in abstract art and textile design, Delaunay defied established norms by fusing art and fashion. Her vibrant colour palettes and geometric patterns adorned canvases and found their way into the world of fashion and interior design. Without a doubt, she is an example of how important women are in art.

In exploring Delaunay’s work, we celebrate her avant-garde vision and ability to transcend traditional artistic boundaries. Her legacy invites us to question conventions and embrace unrestricted creative freedom.

Vida y Milagros: Natural Silk Kimonos Designed and Made by Women

Like Lempicka and Delaunay, at Vida y Milagros, we show that creativity has no limits, and we contribute to make women in the fashion world stand out.

For us, creating natural silk kimonos is not simply an act of manufacture; it is a means of expression, a canvas on which the Creative Director of Vida y Milagros captures her unique vision.

Ours are designs that come to life in fabrics designed and made by women… fabrics that will embrace you if you try them out in our Valencia store-workshop.

We want every thread woven and every brushstroke painted to remind us of the importance of creativity, diversity, and female empowerment in every corner of the artistic universe.