How to combine kimonos in summer

Kimono outfit ideas for original summer looks

No season or moment is better than the other: the kimono is a wildcard garment that can turn any moment into a memorable one. It all depends on the fabric – which embraces you – and how you combine it.

Yet, it is true that summertime invites us to wear light, fresh, and comfortable garments. Garments that move together with your body… with bright, cheerful, and summery colours that are really flattering.

Flattering kimono combinations

We are aware that choosing the perfect summertime kimono is not always easy because we usually associate this delicate garment with parties or big events. Yet, since it’s such a versatile garment, you may create quite different looks with it while staying true to your personality and style.

Below, different ideas on how to combine a kimono for any summer plan: a dinner, a day at the beach, a music event, a festival, or a guest look.

Kimonos for casual summer looks

For a walk on the beach, a concert on the terrace of your favourite enclave, or an afternoon when you don’t know what to wear… what you are looking for is a comfortable, light, and different garment.

The Lightest is a collection of 100% natural cotton kimonos that evokes the Mediterranean and all the wonderful emotions it arouses. Just wear one of these kimonos as a blouse or jacket and turn any ordinary moment into an unforgettable one.

With a kimono with a geometric print and cheerful colours, or a model in more sophisticated and sensual colours yet with an ideal summery surf print.

Kimonos for nice and special summer evenings

However, in summer, there are times when we also want to dress up and show off our nice tan. The vibrant colours of Vida y Milagros’ kimonos are perfect for this.

You may combine your kimono:

  • with jeans,
  • with silk trousers,
  • with a skirt,
  • or as an original alternative to the blazer – especially on cool evenings or early autumn days.

Kimonos for day or evening guest looks

And if what you’re looking for is a summer guest look, there’s nothing better than a midi or long kimono to wear to that special celebration.

Kimonos can be adapted both for daytime and evening looks – it all depends on the shades you choose and how you combine them. Take, for example, these midi and long kimonos and see for yourself whether they are not perfect for that different and wonderful look you would like to wear.

A must-have wildcard garment for your wardrobe – and suitcase

One of the advantages of having a kimono in your wardrobe is that it’s a wildcard garment: you can combine it with basic clothes – and completely transform any look -, or wear it closed to make it the star of an event – completing the look with one of our silk bags.

In addition, it’s also a perfect garment for travelling. It doesn’t take up space in your suitcase, it’s light and versatile, and it adds style and originality to your looks.

It’s a garment that will last through the wardrobe change – you can make the most of it all year round.

Yet these are only suggestions. Once you discover our entire collection, the possibilities are endless, and the combinations unimaginable, unexpected, and wonderful.

If you have doubts what kimono to choose, feel free to contact usWe are here for you, to clear your doubts about how to wear and combine a kimono in summer – or at any time of the year.