Kimonos to wear to a wedding, celebration, event, or party, be it guests or brides

And now, what do I wear? There’s no denying – it’s the first thing we think of when we are invited to a celebration. We mentally go through our warbrobe, but nothing quite pleases us.

And that’s when the quest for the perfect outfit begins.

You want something different, special, which reduces the chances of someone else wearing the same.  And, of course, something which you feel comfortable in. Weddings are meant to be enjoyed.

Kimonos for wedding guests: elegance, comfort, and personality

It never fails.

When a woman visits our store-workshop in Valencia, her face lights up at the sight of our kimonos’ exclusive prints, she feels the softness of pure natural silk, and begins to dream of herself wearing one of them to a celebration.

She falls in love with its flattering colour, limited-edition design, and fluid fabric that moves with her body.

She falls in love with its flattering fit because kimonos are for all body types.

But there is something else to bear in mind when choosing it: whether you’ll be able to enjoy it many times.

That’s one of the advantages of investing in a kimono to wear to weddings or events: you can wear it to celebrations, but also to other less formal occasions.

Because it’s a versatile and timeless garment which, despite being a trend now, will never go out of fashion.

But for a kimono to go from being the perfect garment for a wedding guest to a wardrobe must-have, it must be made with quality fabrics, precision in every detail, and loving care.

How to wear a kimono for a perfect guest look?

If you’re thinking that a kimono would be the ideal garment because it is different, beautiful, and comfortable, but you’re not sure how to match it, or what cut to choose to match the dress code, we’ll give you some suggestions.

Depending on the print and length of the kimono, one model will be more “appropriate” than others. Consider these ideas and imagine how you might feel wearing them:

  • To an evening celebration:

– Long kimono to wear closed with a belt as a dress. Dazzling, sophisticated, and original.

– Open and matched with another party garment, which can also make you the perfect wedding guest. Elegant, different, and authentic.

– Over a party dress, to give your look a more personal and differentiating touch.

  • To a daytime celebration:

– Short kimono to wear as a blouse or shirt. Discreet, stylish, and unique.

– Open midi kimono to wear as a blazer. Informal, chic, and distinguished.

– A long kimono closed with a belt and a print in soft tones is perfect to be turned into a party dress for a daytime celebration, such as a baptism or communion.

As you can see, you can choose to wear the kimono open or closed, and you can match the kimono with pants or a skirt, a top or blouse, with any colour you may like, or with whatever best suits you.

Yet these are just a few tips that can serve as a guide. Nothing is set in stone. Because, for example, a long open kimono can also be perfect for a daytime event.

And that’s what’s great about the kimono – it’s an ideal garment for guests and hostesses (bridesmaids and mothers of the bride) because it offers different possibilities so you can find the perfect one for you.

If you want more ideas on how to match your kimono, we invite you to visit our store. Our solutions aren’t complicated – they’re basic and simple.  You’re sure to find some inspiration for your outfits.

Kimonos for elegant and unique brides

We’ve seen the endless possibilities the kimono offers for you to become the perfect guest at the next wedding or celebration that you soon have.

However, the kimono is not only ideal for a wedding guest, but also for a bride. That’s thanks to its wonderful versatility.

Check out the two options this 100 per cent natural silk garment offers to dress you on one of the most special days of your life.

Bridal kimonos to wear before the ceremony

Your wedding day starts long before the ceremony and it deserves to be special.

For example, at home while you’re having your hair and makeup done, and everything is being captured by a photographer. Or when you receive family and friends who want to share with you those previous moments.

The kimono will help you feel comfortable and give you a distinguished look during your wedding preparations. Memorable moments that you’ll always remember and when you’ll appreciate feeling comfortable and beautiful.  In a garment that will gently embrace you, making those moments even more special.

The perfect garment for a bold and stylish bride

But there’s so much more.

If you’re thinking about a more informal wedding or a civil ceremony, a handcrafted natural silk kimono is the perfect choice for you to stand out, moving away from the traditional white dress.

Go for a long kimono in the colours that best suit you and illuminate your face. With a limited-edition author’s print and handstitched finishing to make it perfect for you.

An edgier and colourful look, with which to feel special on that wonderful day. Because there’s no better style than feeling yourself.

And a garment that, as we said before, is quite versatile and allows you not only to wear it to a big celebration such as your wedding, but also to other special occasions such as an event, dinner, or meeting with friends.

Which kimono will you go for?  What’s that special occasion when you’ll wear it for the first time?

Remember we’re always here to help. Either by phone, email, or in person. We look forward to seeing you.