Kimonos for your daily styling: attract attention with sophistication

Elegance, joy, and comfort with this light, colourful, and versatile must-have that will make you feel powerful the minute you put it on.

When trends catch on, they become essential. And that is exactly what is going on with kimonos: what seemed like a fleeting trend inspired by traditional Japanese kimonos has become a must-have in any wardrobe.

But why has this happened? What is it about kimonos that has made so many people fall in love with them? In this article, we will answer those questions and another one you are surely asking yourself right now: how can we adapt the Japanese kimono to get the perfect street look?

The essence of the kimono: main features

It was back in 2020 when the kimono became fashionable as a street style outfit. Major fashion brands incorporated it to offer flattering and unique looks. We saw it on runways and in the streets. At parties, special dinners, and even meetings.

We also saw it on influencers, such as Patrizia CasariniPilar de Arce, or Isabel Sánchez-Lozano, who have trusted our brand and styled our garments at events.

The magic of the kimono as a wardrobe essential

The kimono has gone from being a fashion trend to a wardrobe essential. And that is because it has some special features that make it a versatile garment, which, as we were saying, you can wear on different occasions.

While at a party you can dazzle by wearing it closed, if you wear it open, you can achieve a casual, though elegant and flattering, look. For example, to go to the office, you may match the kimono with pants and a blouse – the colour is up to you –, or with jeans and a thin T-shirt.

Take, for instance, how well the Adiantum looks with black pants and sandals.

Besides, something worth noting is that the kimono adapts to all bodies. Being able to wear it open or closed, and the possibility of playing with the belt make you feel comfortable, attractive, and special, regardless of your size.

Qualities of a successful kimono

However, to achieve all those goals, the kimono must meet certain unique requirements:

  • Quality materials: 100 per cent natural silk for a light and pleasant feel.
  • Timeless designs: flowers and geometric motifs that never go out of style.
  • Unique pieces: limited and exclusive editions.
  • Careful tailoring: that hem that contributes to the overall balance of the garment; that careful stitching for a perfect fit.

Because clothes say a lot about us – they don’t just dress us. If you wear a garment you don’t feel comfortable in, it shows in the way you move, and in your face.

The spirit of the kimono: respect, elegance

Although mono means “thing”, and ki – from kiru – means “to wear” (so “kimono” originally meant “garment”), the kimono is a unique piece with a powerful personality, filled with respect for the Oriental culture. And it is because of those very special characteristics we mentioned before that we can’t – or shouldn’t – call whatever similar garment we may see on the market a kimono.

An adaptation of the Japanese kimono: Vida y Milagros

This respect for the Oriental culture is at the core of the kimono. It is a garment whose basic shape has changed very little since the Chinese Tang prototype was adopted by the court fashions of the Nara period in Japan more than 1,200 years ago.

Art to wear: kimonos for women with an aesthetic sensitivity

However, those languid beauties depicted in ancient engravings, with their softly-tied, low belts, differ greatly from modern women wearing kimonos today.

These are women of strong personality, who know that what matters is not to stand out, but to be in harmony with what surrounds them, both in nature and society.

Valencian kimonos of Oriental inspiration and Mediterranean character

In the Valencian version of the Japanese kimono that we have created at Vida y Milagros, we have opted for quality fabrics, handmade with care in our Valencia atelier.

Our 100 per cent natural silk kimonos reflect a synthesis of Valencian silk tradition and Oriental-inspired design. We simply enjoy the privilege of creating in Valencia, a city that has meant so much when it comes to silk.

Our creative director creates them from scratch:

– With original and exclusive designs in which every detail is taken into account.

– Of different lengths.

– With traditional, mao, or tuxedo collar, or collarless.

So they don’t go out of fashion.

So they fit every type of body.

So you can share it with your daughter.

And, above all, so you can choose the one you like best and suits you best.

The perfect gift, the best whim.